Behind The Scenes

This page is here to give you a sneak peek into the process involved in making your project run smoothly. For you it might seem like you make a phone call, ask for a fence and we turn up and make it happen. 

At Acclaimed Fencing we are all about delivering you the best service. In reality, this involves a huge number of things we do to make your fence look fantastic.

A fence for us means:

  • Servicing equipment
  • Drawing plans
  • Making special orders from a variety of suppliers
  • Liasing with timber yards
  • Keeping our mobile generator filled with petrol
  • Ensuring we have spare fuel, blades, nails etc. all on hand to make your onsite experience a good as it can be.

As the owner of Acclaimed Fencing I thought it would be important to give you a small insight into some of the many thinkgs involved in making your experience run smoothly. We like to go the extra mile behind the scenes so that when we arrive we are prepared and in & out of your hair with as little inconvenience as possible leaving you satisfied with the product, communication and a sense of ease knowing that we have your every need thought of in advance & covered for game day.