Acclaimed Fencing - Terms & Conditions.

Please read carefully. Acceptance to commence services means that all parties agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.
“Contractor” refers to Acclaimed Fencing personnel.
“Client” refers to the person(s) who have accepted the quote for Acclaimed Fencing to fulfil a work order. "Client" will also refer to the owner/ person speaking on behalf of the owner. This will be the person who made contact with Acclaimed Fencing for a quote and accepted the quote to begin work.
“Neighbour” refers to any owner/ person speaking on behalf of the owner, adjacent to the clients work order.
“Services” refers to any work accepted by the client as per the quote.

When Acclaimed Fencing is requested by the client or neighbour to fulfil a work order as per a quote, it is understood by Acclaimed Fencing that all parties involved have agreed to allow the contractor to commence and complete work order. It is the responsibility of the person who requested the work order to assure all parties have agreed and full payment will be made upon completion of work.

All payments as per quote are required from the client/ neighbour the day of completion of services. Extended payment arrangements may be agreed to before commencement of services if accepted by the contractor. Payment methods accepted are cash, credit card, direct deposit and cheque. Please advise which payment method you with be using. An invoice for all payments will be provided by the contractor to the client.
It may be at the contractors request for a deposit before commencing work. The amount or percentage will be stipulated at the earliest convenience.
If payment in full at completion of work, is not made within 7 days from date of invoice a 10% administration fee will apply. If payment is not made within 14 days, legal action may be taken by Acclaimed Fencing to retrieve payment.

All pegs and boundaries are to be marked by the client(s) who shall continue to be responsible for the position of the fence and any claims arising there from. You have contracted Acclaimed Fencing to install the metreage shown on the quote.  This may not be your full boundary.  It is your responsibility to confirm that the quote meets your requirements.  If you require extra fencing we will supply an additional quote for you and any shortfall will be charged at the metreage rate quoted. If there are no markings by the client(s), the contractor will work within their best judgement to erect the new fence on the boundary line.

The client receiving the quote from Acclaimed Fencing is required to give copies of the quote to all adjoining neighbours. Before commencement of work, it is the client’s responsibility to confirm that all neighbours have agreed to the quote and are able to pay upon completion of services. In the event that the adjoining neighbours fail to make payment after completion of services the client will be obligated to make full payment of the remaining unpaid amount.

The delivery of materials shall be made to the clients or adjoining neighbours address. The location of the delivery will be determined by the contractor at the time of arrival. In most events, the materials will be placed on the nature strip, however, if there is a closer location to deliver to, i.e. driveway, back yard, etc., then this location must be made available. If for some reason due to the clients request a convenient location can’t be made available, an additional cartage of materials charge may be incurred. In the event that materials have to be left out overnight, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the materials security. Any losses and the need to resupply material will be added to the quote.

The client and adjoining neighbours shall supply electricity and water at all times during construction. This will be the most convenient supply location to the contractor. In the event that power and water are not supplied any extra cost incurred including generator hire, cartage, loss of time or additional labour shall be charged on the quote.

The quotation for fencing is, unless noted, based on construction of clear unobstructed areas.
Unless otherwise provided in the quote, the client and adjoining neighbours shall clear all obstructions and provide a clear working area and access.  If obstructions have failed to be removed then all costs for removal including equipment hire and labour shall be payable by the person(s) responsible. If work cannot begin on the day due to obstructions, additional charges may apply.
The client shall be responsible for locating and notifying Acclaimed Fencing at the time of construction of the position of all underground obstructions including electrical and telephone cables, gas, water, storm water and sewerage pipes, and any other service facilities which are, or may be, affected by the construction and shall indemnify Acclaimed Fencing and its contractors against any claims or demands made by any person or authority in respect of any damage.
No allowance has been made for concealed obstructions such as but not limited to rock, wires, pipes, tree roots, broken posts, foundations, thick or reinforced concrete, etc., which may be encountered.  Any costs incurred in the removal of concealed obstructions including additional labour may be added to the quote.
The client shall remove or protect all plants, ornaments, etc., which may be damaged during construction. Although the contractor shall exercise all care, Acclaimed Fencing accept no responsibility.

In the event that a permit is required for services, it is the responsibility of the client to apply for and be granted a permit and give a copy to the contractor. If a permit has not been supplied to the contractor prior to commencement of services, it will be assumed that a permit was granted and Acclaimed Fencing take no responsibility if this is not the case.

The height of the fence constructed will be indicated on the quote. The fence height may vary in relation to undulation of the land along the fence line.  All heights will be measured from the bottom of the plinth to the top of the fence.
Unless otherwise determined, on your acceptance of quote to replace a side fence, all side fences shall be replaced at the full height of the fence. If a rake down is required, please advise the contractor prior to commencement.

Unless otherwise requested at the time of quote acceptance, the fence shall be constructed with the side the posts/palings are on being at the discretion of the contractor. Acclaimed Fencing will strive to erect the new fence on the side as per the clients request, however, the contractor reserves the right to reverse the fence and construct it in a manner deemed necessary.

All fences will be constructed in a manner suitable for the specific site location. This is because no one fence is the same. Acclaimed Fencing personnel are fully trained and experienced and will determine the most effective method for building a fence as per the quote. It is acceptable for the person(s) involved to make requests on how they would like a fence built, however, the contractor will have final say on the method of construction. This may include fence height, plinth height off ground, post position, changes in angles, etc. If a fence requires multiple days to complete the work order, it is the responsibility of the person(s) involved to maintain security. This may involve arrangements of temporary fencing by the client.

All contractors employed by Acclaimed Fencing are experienced or under the guidance of experienced contractors. Acclaimed Fencing reserves the right to use third party contractors if required. All work orders will still be under the guidance of Acclaimed Fencing.

The contractor can terminate any agreements with the client without notice if the customer breaches any conditions of these terms or becomes in jeopardy of becoming insolvent, and all outstanding monies owing to the contractor shall be payable immediately, including monies for work done, materials received and/or for contracts entered into with other parties for the benefit of or on behalf of the client.

Additional to any statutory requirements all fencing erected under this contract is guaranteed by Acclaimed Fencing for a period of 90 days against defects in workmanship.  Claims must be lodged in writing. Acclaimed Fencing reserves the right to repair, replace and make good any materials and labour required to fulfil this guarantee.
The guarantee only covers defects in materials or workmanship made by Acclaimed Fencing. The guarantee will not cover aspects which are out of control of Acclaimed Fencing. This may include but is not limited to; damage made by another person(s) or objects, high winds, sun damage, fire,  underground water tables, contracting/ expanding soil etc.